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2023 - The Year of the Blog

This year I launched a fashion blog. Not something I ever thought I would say. As the year comes to a close I thought I would reflect--as one does--on my Online Shopper launch. As someone with lots of anxiety, I always felt nervous about my passion for fashion (rhyme intended). I would often subdue my wardrobe because I wasn't sure what people would think. My goal was always to be academically and more traditionally successful. I never thought that should include fashion, I thought people would take me less seriously if I was wearing big hoops, a funky jacket or any sort of 'try hard' outfit.

After 4 years working in marketing, I realized I had a skillset in social media, SEO, email marketing and content writing that could help me launch my own successful website. I didn't so much envision working or focusing in on fashion, but I thought--what's a topic I know so well I could write about it in my sleep--enter Sarah's fashion blog.

I wrote my first article in May after I quit my job and my side hustle/passion project was born. So here we are almost 8 months later and I've written almost 30 articles and I've launched my instagram account that now has almost 700 followers.

I simply want to say thank you to my followers!! To all my fabulous friends who have helped me get the word out and come up with content. Special thanks to Emma, Alex and Danielle <3. To my content inspo @carobeth. who proved you can be cool, smart and interesting while in the fashion space.

I love fashion. Sometimes a fun outfit, a new coat, big earrings or a daring dress are what get me out of the bed in the morning and you know what! That's totally OK!

More amazing content to come this year! In the meantime here are some of this year's greatest hits!

Most Read Articles:

Sarah's FAVs

Final Thoughts

2023 was a fabulous year for blogging and I'm hoping 2024 will be even bigger and better. I want to get more feedback so if there is any content you'd like to see this coming year, feel free to reach out! Thanks for following along and happy new year!


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