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Brands Like Reformation

Updated: Jan 3

Looking for brands similar to Reformation? I've covered the best look-alikes with several brands that give you the girly-chic vibes you get at Ref. Whether its floral dresses, gorgeous linens, great basics or simply stylish finds you are looking for, I got you. Check out all of these stores like Reformation and tell us which is your favorite in the comments.


I feel like DISSH is popping off right now. It's full of amazing elevated basics for summer and tbh year-round. Their linens and knits are gorgeous and simple to style. It's giving Sofia Richie on her honeymoon--a vibe we can all aspire to achieve. Brands like Dissh are hard to come by. Luxurious, beautiful and high quality for a reasonable price point.

Check it out here.

These amazing and elevated basics are so simple, yet so unique. The neutral color scheme is giving off an elegant vibe.

Credit: DISSH

Realisation Par

My next guest is...REALISATION PAR. An oldie but a goodie. I have a few dresses from them and some of their baby tees. I can't emphasize this enough...every time I wear them- I am overwhelmed with compliments. They are also so versatile. I've worn these dresses to Friday night dinners, outdoor weddings and Saturday brunches These dresses are just fab. Enough said.

Shop these dresses here.

The patterns here are so fabulous and unique. All of their dresses come in multiple colors and prints and I've started collecting multiple styles of prints I love.

Credit: Realisation Par


Everytime I see ads for this brand, I think it's Reformation. This Paris-based brand is girly and chic just like our favorite Reformation styles- it's a brand like Reformation but with more options. It has unique pieces that just scream French girl fashion. Knits, skirts and dresses-galore- all of these pieces are going to elevate your clost.

Check her out here.

When I walked into this store in Paris, I felt like I was in a more curated Reformation store. It has the same playful yet put together vibe as Reformation with French-girl energy.

Credit: Rouje


OK- this one is kinda a wildcard. After the recent rebrand, they have launched some super cool styles that offer a better price point than stores like Reformation. I would recommend shopping their pants, basics, dresses and of course, their jeans! I truly believe these images taken below could have been straight off of the Reformation website.

For a more budget-friendly option shop them here.

Their new additions feature fitted and elevated basics, lady-like linens and simple details that will have you feeling like you are getting great bang for your buck.

Credit: Abercrombie


This one is a newer favorite of mine but if you are looking to diversity and replicate some Reformation looks, I think you could sprinkle in some of this fashion-forward brand. Doen offers some girly but cool dresses, elevated basics and fabulous knits-- sound familiar?

Want to look the part? Shop Doen here.

Credit: Doen

Brands like Reformation

Shop these five brands year round and you will surely have that Reformation-style look but with more diversity in your pieces. Brands similar to Reformation are far and few between. Quality, style and elegance are all factors here. These all have my vote of confidence. What other brands do you think you can shop similar styles at?

Honorable Mentions

De Rococo - Shop elevated basics

Anthropologie - Shop fabulous dresses

Aritzia - Shop workwear and essentials

Faithful the Brand - Shop girly prints and linens

Ganni - Shop designer finds


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