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Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

If you are building a capsule wardrobe or if you are just searching for the best every-day basics, here is everything you need. Just kidding, when it comes to shopping it's never quite enough but these are some of my favorites from different price ranges, styles and brands. These capsule wardrobe essentials are certain to elevate your look--and they are timeless. Let's dive in.


Truly my favorite thing to throw on no matter the event, season or outfit. A basic t-shirt never goes out of style and never disappoints--if you have the right one. Here are my recommendations for the best tees.


A good pair of jeans is unbeatable in terms of versatility and comfort. Finding the right pair of jeans for you is paramount to a capsule wardrobe. You have to find the brands and fits that work best for you. A few of my favorite brands are Agolde, Levis, De-Rococo and Aritzia's Denim Forum. Here are a few pairs I highliy recommend (all of which I own and wear on repeat--AKA capsule wardrobe essentials).


Nothing better than a great blazer to complete or elevate an outfit. It's what I always turn to when I don't know what to wear. I like an oversized fit but a more structured one can look classy as well. This is a piece that's worth investing in for your capsule wardrobe essentials collection.


You need a few great sweaters to complete your capsule wardrobe. I recommend a basic black, a basic grey, stripes and one statement. Here are a few recs I love below from some of my very favorite brands. Again, most of my picks are my tried and true favorites.


I wear sweatshirts as much (if not more) than I wear sweaters. I love dressing them up or down for an outfit and I think picking a few great basic sweatshirts is a cozy and stylish way to dress year round. Check out some of my picks from Anine Bing, The Mayfair Group and Everlane.

Pants & Skirts

I'm a big jeans girl but you need some other bottoms to complete your capsule wardrobe essentials collection. I would recommend one great pair of black pants, a silk maxi skirt and a black mini skirt. These are staples that you can wear year round and never go out of style. See my picks below!


In terms of tops outside of sweaters, sweatshirts and tees, there are a few other staples I would recommend for your capsule wardrobe essentials collection. One is a basic button-down (I like mine oversized), one is a classic nicer top for dinner or evenings out and the other is a basic long-sleeves top. My picks below.

Final Thoughts

These are all my capsule wardrobe essential picks for clothing. Remember, building a capsule wardrobe means picking staple items that are timeless and go with everything. So within these picks you should have dozens of different outfits. Most of my picks here are neutral colors and you should spice up these outfits with trends and colors as you see fit. The important thing to remember is if you are going to spend money on something, you probably want to spend it on staples as opposed to trends. You can also read my article on the best Capsule Wardrobe Brands to see more of my favorite picks. Brands like De-Rococo, Anine Bing and Dissh are heavily profiled in this article as well.

Comment below your favorite brands and picks!


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