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Capsule Wardrobe Brands

Updated: Jan 12

If you are planning on building a more usable and sustainable wardrobe for Fall, you might consider investing in simple and quality basics. I've compiled a list of capsule wardrobe brands that will help you build a wearable wardrobe for Fall (and beyond).

Check out these 10 brands to build the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Anine Bing


Starting off strong with one of my all time favorite brands. Anine Bing was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating quality pieces to provide your wardrobe every elevated basic you need. Inspired by a mix of Scandinavian style and American energy, the brand constantly provides excellent pieces that always leave you looking put together. With Anine Bing, you get what you pay for. The beautiful silk skirts, perfect t-shirts, comfortable sweatshirts and quality denim could make up your entire closet and you would be all set.

What to buy from the brand: t-shirts, blazers, sweatshirts

My picks:

Simple grey hoodie- Shop it for $220

Green khaki blazer - Shop it for $550

Graphic white t-shirt- Shop it for $100

Credit: Anine Bing



I discovered this Australian brand this year and ever since I've been hooked. When I head onto their website, I feel like I could add every item to my cart. This brand is basically a one stop shop if you are looking to build a capsule wardrobe. Dissh has simple yet elegant styles with unique details. From linens to knitwear to silk pieces, you can't go wrong with any Dissh purchase.

What to buy from this brand: knits, linens, dresses

My picks:

Long knit dress in tan- Shop it for $159.99

Black linen top- Shop if for $99

Striped knit sweater- Shop it for $149.99

Shop Dissh:

Credit: Dissh



De-Rococo is an Israeli brand that has the same stylistic features as Anine Bing. The brand has unique pieces with the effortless nature of New York fashion. The brand has everything from casual t-shirts to stylish denim to simple and elegant dresses. De-Rococo focuses on the idea of effortless fashion and that's exactly the goal of the capsule wardrobe. Every item from the brand would make an excellent addition to your closet.

What to buy from this brand: silky pieces, denim, tanks & tees

My picks:

White high-waisted jeans - Shop for $165

White high cut tank- Shop for $75

Black satin skirt- Shop for $175

White oversized t-shirt- Shop for $75

Shop De-Rococo:

Credit: De-Rococo



I used to associate COS with work-wear and old-fashioned clothing and now I see it for what it truly is- stylish and elevated minimalism. This brand has unique basics that are offer simple twists on classics. COS showcases mostly neutral colors with a pop of color thrown in from time to time making it the ultimate capsule wardrobe brand.

What to buy from this brand: jackets, basics and accessories

My picks:

Oversized wool jacket - Shop for $285

Large quilted tote bag- Shop for $99

Perfect white tee- Shop it for $39

Shop Cos:

Credit: COS



This Australian founded Posse was practically created to be the ultimate capsule wardrobe brand. Their philosophy 'less is more' shows through in their versatile collections. They actually have an 'essentials' page that you can browse to reshape your closet with long-lasting basics that are perfect for any occasion. They also offer 20% off if you order 3 or more items from this collection. Basically perfect for our capsule wardrobe brands.

What to buy from this brand: linens, dresses and basics

My picks:

Black linen mini-dress- Shop it for $269.99

Oversized striped jumper- Shop it for $169.99

Olive button down- Shop it for $239.99

Shop Posse:

Credit: Posse



This brand was founded on the principles of quality, ethics, sustainability and transparency. Everlane is a great place to shop for your capsule wardrobe because it has all the building blocks including, basic t-shirts, quality denim, great button downs and even wearable footwear. With fair and clear pricing, you know you are getting a great product at a great price.

What to buy from this brand: basics, basics and more basics

My picks:

Simple white button-down- Shop it for $88

Black t-shirt- Shop three for $60

Grey half-zip sweatshirt- Shop it for $98

Shop Everlane:



The Canadian brand is known for some of its amazing basics and there's a reason. Aritzia makes excellent pieces that truly stand the test of time. Their more elevated collections have a lot of really great finds that look very elevated and expensive. With lots of variety and constant updates, you can always find winners at Aritzia.

What to buy from this brand: jackets, pants, night out pieces

My picks:

Oversized black blazer- Shop it for $268

Black high waisted pants- Shop them for $148

Knit criss-cross top- Shop it for $68

Midi slip skirt - Shop it for $98

Shop Aritzia:

Credit: Aritzia



This Kardashian founded brand definitely lives up to the hype. With some of the comfiest clothing I've ever felt, Skims has earned a spot on this list. I've tried everything at Skims from their coveted skin tight black maxi dress to their famous thin and cozy underwear. I would highly recommend stocking up on all of their basics and loungewear. The clothing is versatile, comfortable and affordable. That's what you call a winner.

What to buy from this brand: tanks & tees, loungewear and dresses

My picks:

Basic t-shirt- Shop it for $48

Black ribbed maxi dress- Shop it for $78

Comfy lounge pants- Shop them for $58

Shop Skims:

Credit: Skims

The Frankie Shop


The Frankie Shop perfectly combines its roots with a mix of the New York basic and Paris luxury feel. Known for its fabulous suiting and basics, this brand embodies the term elevated basics. Both the online store and retail shops feel perfectly curated and elegant. If you are looking for brands to build your capsule wardrobe, this one is almost a perfect fit. One of each item from the Frankie Shop could make up the perfect capsule wardrobe.

What to buy from this brand: suiting, jackets and accessories

My picks:

Oversized button down vest- Shop it for $194

Boxy blazer- Shop it for $345

Navy trench coat- Shop it for $375

Credit: The Frankie Shop

Other capsule wardrobe brands to fill in the gaps:

Try Beyond Yoga for activewear and other comfy items

Try Z-Supply for affordable loungewear

Try Levis for all of your denim needs

Try J. Crew for knits and cashmere

Final Thoughts

Looking for the exact pieces to build up your capsule wardrobe, check out this Who What Wear piece about how to build it. Capsule wardrobe brands can sometimes be more expensive because these items are truly built to last. These 10 brands (+4 bonus recommendations) are the key to compiling the perfect collection of clothing that will last and be the foundation for great outfits and seamless dressing.


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