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White Sneaker Alternatives

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

I am a sneaker girly. I will literally choose to wear sneakers over anything else year round. Boot season- more like chunky sneaker season. Sandal season- more like comfy sneaker season. If you're like me you have about 100 pairs of white sneakers. So here are some alternatives to spice things up.

1. Adidas Sambas - Try them in black

Sambas have been all over lately. You can see celebrities rocking them in every color but I think the black are super cute and easy to style. Don't believe me? Check out Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid rocking them here. If you are looking for a black shoe, check these out.

White sneaker alternatives
Image Credit: Amazon

2. New Balance Classics - Try them in Pink

Not your dad's new balance...This brand has really made a comeback lately. Every celebrity has been spotted wearing the formerly dubbed dad brand recently. I've seen this style around but rarely seen them in pink. If you want something neutral but an alternative to the classic white- try these.

Alternative to white sneakers
Image Credit: Amazon

3. Adidas Gazelles - Try them in Blue

Another winner from Adidas. These dark blue shoes are a perfect alternate to your basic whites. They are simple to style and very on trend. I've seen this shoe make all the best dressed, most stylish sneaker lists these days. You can't go wrong with the gazelles in any color but I'm recommending these.

alternative to white sneakers
Image Credit: Adidas

These colorful sneakers from Veja can be used as a staple but also are more than just a basic white sneaker. Try these white sneaker alternatives to add some color and fun to your simple outfits.

white sneakers alternative
Image Credit: Revolve

5. Converse High Tops - Try them in Blue

I love these platform high tops and I love them even more in blue. I have them in white but have been eyeing another color and these are top of my list. These lace ups are super cute and elevate a basic outfit.

alternative to white sneaker
Image Credit: Revolve

6. Axel Arigato Vintage- Try them in this colorful style

These elevated sneakers are a little pricier at $290 but the quality of this brand in unmatched. I love the color scheme and the style. These shoes can act as a substitute for your white sneakers as they go with basically everything.

axel arigato alternatives
Image Credit: Axel Arigato

7. Common Projects Originals - Try them in Black

Another basic black sneaker for you. These shoes truly go with anything. Wear them to work, dress them up or down. These stylish sneaks are fit for any outfit.

axel arigato alternatives
Image Credit: Saks

8. Veja Campo Sneakers - Try them in Green

Green is currently my favorite basic. I've been wearing it with everything and I truly believe it goes with everything. These shoes are the perfect white sneaker alternative.

Final Thoughts

Don't get me wrong, I have about 5 pairs of white sneakers from New Balance, Converse, Nike and a few other brands. White sneakers are still my go tos. However, when it's time to switch it up or you are searching for classic white sneaker alternatives, check out these recommendations in black, neutrals and fun colors. OR if you want to stay the course, most of these come in white too so feel free to go that route as well (I won't tell).


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