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Nuuly Vs Rent the Runway

Updated: Jun 24

If you've been considering joining the clothing rental movement then you're probably deciding between Nuuly vs Rent the Runway. I've used both of them for months and I'm here to give you a comprehensive review of both services. I will state openly that I have no affiliation with either company and I think both are excellent options depending on what you are looking for. If you are a fashion lover looking to explore new pieces and brands, they are both excellent options.

Rent the Runway Review

Rent the Runway is a higher end option for clothing rentals. It has brands like Anine Bing, Ulla Johnson, Vince and so many more fun designer choices. Along with the breadth of items and brands (over 400 by the way), you can find almost any category on the platform. In addition to clothing items such as jackets, dresses, denim and more, you can also rent accessories--think bags, earrings, necklaces and more!

My honest rent the runway review is that it's a 10/10.

Here's how the process works:

You pick your plan and rent a number of pieces a month. You can always have 5 items in your home at a time. After you select your items, the package ships basically immediately and you should have your RTR by the next day. Separately you can schedule your items for pick-up so you don't have to drop them off (this is only available in certain areas--I'm in NY).

The package arrives in a rent the runway re-usable bag with each item freshly dry cleaned. Each item comes on a hanger in a plastic wrap. From time to time, I have seen items with tags on them. Of course, if you love the item you can buy it--for a discount.

Beyond the amazing clothing they have, their service is excellent. I bought a piece of jewelry that broke after three wears so I reached out to their support team who immediately addressed the situation and offered to refund me--despite the fact that all sales are final. For a monthly subscription product, customer service is extremely important to me.

I now buy all my jeans through Rent the Runway, because I like to wear them a few times before deciding. They have most of my favorite denim brands-- Agolde, Levis and Citizen of Humanity (these brands are also available on Nuuly).

Credit: Rent the Runway

Nuuly Review

Nuuly is a fashion rental brand that is owned by URBN (Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie). It has choices from over 400 brands with a large concentration on clothing from the brands they own. Other unique brands include: Damson Madder, Alohas, For Love & Lemons. In comparison to Rent the Runway, Nuuly has more 'every-day' brands.

My most rented brands on Nuuly are: Donni, Free People, Anthropologie and Levis. (Donni and Levis are also available on Rent the Runway).

My experience with Nuuly so far has also been excellent.

Here's how the process works:

Subscribe to Nuuly for $98/mo and you get 6 items delivered to your home in a recyclable Nuuly bag. The items are all washed/dry-cleaned ahead of time and they do not come in plastic wrap. Pros and cons here- the packaging feels more sustainable but it does sometimes feel a little less 'clean'.

Nuuly's app is very user friendly with features like My Closet, which allows you to favorite items you love to save for next time. After placing your order, the package generally arrives 1-2 days later. You can buy items you love at a discount and it's truly such a wonderful way to try and experiment with new styles.

Nuuly has allowed me to discover brands and items I've never seen before. I have to call out this fabulous coat I've been wearing on repeat, that I would have never found otherwise. The coat (pictured below) is from a brand called If By Sea. It's truly unique and I've received compliments left and right.

Coat on repeat

Pricing Comparison

Nuuly comes at one price: $96/mo for 6 items.

Rent the Runway has multiple tiers: $94/mo for 5 items, $144/mo for 10 items, $193/mo for 15 items, $235/mo for 20 items.

Final Thoughts

After months of experimentation, I am probably going to stick with my Rent the Runway subscription for now because of the brands included and their excellent customer support. I highly recommend both services and think the best choice depends on your needs and preferences. Sign up for Rent the Runway through my referral for 30% off your first month!


Do you have to wash items?

Neither rental service requires you to wash items. Send them back as-is and they will take care of the rest.

Can you pause your subscription?

Is Nuuly or Rent the Runway more cost efficient?

Is Nuuly or Rent the Runway better?


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