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Brands Like Anine Bing

Anine Bing is one of my all time favorite brands. The simplicity, quality, comfort and elegance make it perfect for any capsule wardrobe. The high end brand makes some of the very best closet staples and I buy them whenever I can. That said if you are looking to shake things up or perhaps find alternatives that are a little less pricey, here are 4 brands like Anine Bing.

This is probably my number one pick for a brand like Anine Bing. Dé Rococo embodies the terms simplicity and effortless style. Just like Anine Bing, this brand focuses on elevated essentials meaning you can basically do one big order from Dé Rococo and create your capsule wardrobe. They have great denim, perfect t-shirts and tanks and fabulous silky pieces. If you are looking for a continuation of New York x European style, look no further than Dé Rococo.

My picks:

Credit: De-Rococo

Another great place to shop for elevated basics and that easy New York girl style you see with brands like Anine Bing. COS clothing feels well made, practical and on trend. Like Anine Bing, you'll find a lot of neutral color palettes and classic items. This is a great place to get a nice white tee, the perfect accessory or even a great pair of trousers.

My picks:

Credit: COS

This brand by Erin and Sara Foster is new on my radar and a must-try. The pieces are elevated and simple for the most part, with a little bit of color and pizzaz thrown in there. Like Anine Bing, Favorite Daughter also has an essentials section where you can find tailored pants, beautiful blazers and all the basics to stock your wardrobe with high quality items you'll wear everyday.

On my list:

Credit: Favorite Daughter

Dissh is so underrated in my opinion and it offers a lot of affordable quality pieces. Everything I own from this brand is a hit and a staple. Like Anine Bing, Dissh offers a slew of wardrobe staples that will elevate any outfit. The female-run Australian business boasts a level of elegance and simplicity that really shines through in every item they own.

My picks:

Credit: Dissh

Final Thoughts

Shopping these four brands like Anine Bing are sure to give you the New York effortless chic vibes you are aiming for. Other brands that I looked at included Vince, Mango, Posse and more. Did I miss anything? What brands remind you of the infamous Anine Bing?


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