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Creator Corner with Caro Beth

Caroline Sacks AKA caro_beth is a FABULOUS influencer who creates content around fashion, beauty and everything in between. If you check out her ~bio~, she is a self proclaimed acne-prone gemini who lives in Brooklyn. The lovely Caroline also works part time in the influencer marketing space meaning she has a 360 degree view on the world of influencers and creators. 

Credit: Caro Beth Instagram

Honest moment here…Caroline and I are actually good friends and she is basically the reason I launched my blog so when I decided to profile fabulous creators, it felt only fitting to launch with Caro Beth herself. 

I asked Caroline a few questions about what it means to be a creator, influencer, vlogger…or whatever the kids are calling it these days and let’s just say you’re in for a treat. Here are some tips, tricks and insights into the glamorous (or maybe not so glamorous?) world of a real life creator.

Here goes nothing!

Online Shopper: Let’s start simple…do you consider yourself a creator, or an influencer? Is there a term you prefer?

Caro Beth: I feel like influencer has become such a dirty word and it’s so foolish! To me, the term influencer and creator are interchangeable. No matter who you are, what your platform is or how many people are following you, if you are creating content online you are a creator. That’s just what it is!

OS: How did you get into the creator space?

CB: I had been working in influencer marketing on the agency side for probably three years before I started creating content at all. I’ve always loved consuming content…It’s kind of like reality TV but it’s endless! When I started to work in a paid capacity with creators, it just kind of all started!

I spent so many years on the other side of the emails and just kind of realized–what am I doing? I can do this!

So I started posting on TikTok, which I think is the easiest platform to start on because there are just so many creators making content and it feels almost anonymous. Whereas, starting on your instagram account with all of your friends and family seemed kind of scary.

OS:  What’s your goal in terms of creating content? What do you hope that people get from the content you create?

CB: I hope that it feels like a really cozy sleepover!

OS: OMG, it totally does.

CB: AHH, thank you! Yeah, I want it to feel like we’re just hanging out, face timing. I hope they feel–I mean look, everyone hopes to educate and inspire–but at the end of the day, they’re not really there to learn from my content, we’re kind of learning together. I am not an expert–I’m not an esthetician, I’m not a doctor and that has always kind of been at the root of my content. A lot of my content revolves around skin, because a lot of my brain and energy revolves around skin as that’s something I’ve always struggled with. I think people enjoy being on the journey with someone rather than seeing someone with glass skin and thinking to themselves ‘I’ll never be her’.

Credit: Caro Beth Youtube

OS: Great answer…OK what are your favorite and least favorite aspects of creating?

CB: I’ll start with least favorite. Sometimes it’s just A LOT to look at yourself all the time (laughs). There just comes a point sometimes where I’m like OK I’m annoyed with you! Especially on Youtube. I spend so much time looking at footage of myself talking. Sometimes you are just sick of yourself!! You know when you’re having a shitty day and you want to just turn on mindless TV.

If I’m having a shitty day, I still have to spend one on one time with myself to get shit done and sometimes that can be a bit of a drag.

OS: Yeah..


OS: OK, favorite?!

OK, favorite! I really do enjoy the process. I really do enjoy filming and talking and sharing. I’ve always had a lot of energy. A lot of feedback I got growing up was you’re too much but being too much is rewarded on social media.

TikTok wants you to post 10,000 times a day and I literally have 10,000 thoughts a day. I could just grind out a million videos and not get tired of it. I feel like I have–not all of substance (laughs)–but I do have a lot to say.

OS: When it comes to fashion, style, beauty- what is your passion?

CB: I feel like beauty is actually so inclusive. People get started with beauty maybe initially because of insecurity but ultimately people want to feel better about themselves and want to lift others up too.

When I go to beauty events I actually meet the nicest people. They want to feel good and they want others to feel good too. You might think of makeup as vane but there is an aspect that’s just so pure and I love that aspect of the beauty world.

OS: If you were to create your own brand what would it be?

CB: I’ve literally thought about this so many times! There are so many brands that really do self tanner well and there are brands that I genuinely love that are noncomedogenic. BUT I do get so annoyed that I can’t treat a pimple while self tanning. I would love it if I could use a self tanner and it could treat my acne at the same time. If I ever created a product it would have to be a self tanning/acne treatment two in one!

OS: What brand gives off Caro energy?

CB: There are so many brands I love and use all the time but I don’t know if they give off me vibes.


CB: Hmmm…

OS: What brand is just your vibe–the same color scheme, the same energy as you?

CB: I think I’m super colorful, not necessarily that I dress super colorful but I feel super colorful.

A branding I feel very attracted to is this brand Futurewise, actually I’ve never used them before (laughs) but I’m about to try it. They’re a slugging brand, do you know what slugging is?

Credit: Futurewise

OS: No, tell me!

CB: It’s literally– you do all your skincare–and then you apply this goo on your face. People started using vaseline to do it–to seal everything in there.

OS: OHH–I have seen people using vaseline to do that.

CB: Exactly! And some people do really break out from it, but this product is intentionally made for [slugging]. But to answer your question HA, I love the branding, I love their bright colors, I love the big bubble lettering, I just think it’s so cute. 

I also really like star-face’s branding but I don’t think the product is good.

OS: Yeah, I’ve heard that.

CB: Yeah, it’s not a good product. Don’t buy it HA.

OS: What’s a common misconception about the creator space?

CB: I feel like– that creators are super into themselves and they love to look at themselves. But here’s the thing I don’t film myself because I love to look at myself, I film myself because–I don’t even know! People often think ‘Oh she loves to hear herself talk’, but no not really I don’t necessarily love to hear myself talk, I do love to talk but I think those are two different things!

OS: Tell me about a favorite look of yours! A look, a day, a night where you were like YES.

CB: I feel like when you kill a slick back bun...

OS: And you always do!!

CB: Thank you, the Crown Affair finishing gel. I feel like this is the product I get the most DMs about like OH you were right. It was worth the money because it is pretty expensive lol. I used to wear my hair in the same way but recently I’ve realized hair is part of the outfit. So I wore this off the shoulder look–this bodysuit with a leather pant and it was kind of a nothing outfit but I loved the way my hair looked with the outfit. It became a look all together.

Credit: Caro Beth Instagram

OS: What creators do you get inspiration from?

CB: Jaci Marie Smith is my everything–I feel like her brand is so consistent. She’s such a positive but very real person. You’re going to feel a good energy when you go to her channels but you’re never going to feel like I could never have this life.

You should search for content that inspires you but don’t follow creators that make you feel like ass, you know? For instance, people who body check online? Like no.

Credit: Jaci Marie Smith Instagram

OS: What is that?

CB: It’s people who set up their camera and like to flash their tummies, turn to the side. People will do it a the start of a “what I eat in a day”-- If you eat what I eat in a day, this is what you’ll look like. YIKES

OS: What are your go to style, fashion, beauty recs?

OK well I love a belt, so get a good belt.

BUT I guess, people think they need to spend a lot of money for a refresh and they’re always being served the same content that they need to spend X amount to achieve X. So I would say just go to Sephora–and i know that’s higher end–but just SEE what you like. When we went to Sephora together, we walked around and you tried on that one highlighter and were like no I really don’t it.

OS: By the way that highlighter we ended up picking out has now become part of my everyday essentials!

CB: Exactly, I feel like if you hadn't tried that on in the store, you probably never would have thought about that! Find a day, go with a friend some time you aren’t super rushed where you actually have time to touch, feel and play. Find some things you haven’t tried before and give that a go.

Something people don’t know about Sephora is you can get a sample of any product.

Before you buy a foundation, you can go in there and say I’m really interested in the SAIE foundation and they’ll give you a sample. Go home try it, see if it agrees with your skin, see how you like it before you buy it!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the lovely Caroline Sacks! You can keep consuming Caro via Youtube, Instagram or TikTok (or all of the above--preferred). We also have a few more exciting profiles coming up. Feel free to share who you'd like to see next in the comments or in onlineshopping_addict's DMs!


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