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Shopping in Tel Aviv

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Coming to Israel and want to do some fun shopping in Tel Aviv? I've lived here for three years and am a true shopping fanatic. Here are my recommendations so you get to shop some fun boutiques and unique brands in this amazing city. Don't bother with shops that sell brands you can already get in the states, those will be overpriced and not worth the spend. Instead check out these unique Tel Aviv finds that all the locals love. Here are the 5 best shops in Tel Aviv!

5 Best Shops in Tel Aviv

1. Marock Tel Aviv- My favorite

Marock is a small boutique with hand made jewelry by French designer and creator Charlene. Located on Sheinkin, it is surrounded by other trendy stores and cute coffee shops. If you are looking for statement earrings, beautiful beaded pieces or your next go-to necklace, don't miss out on Marock. Aside for the amazing jewelry, the store itself is perfectly curated. With decor from Morocco, unique accessories from Paris and of course gorgeous jewelry, you could spend hours in this store without getting bored.

Check it out on instagram here.

Shop online here.

Go in person at Sheinkin 12, Tel Aviv.

2. Alle - Amazing swimwear

I take all my visitors to Alle because it has every shape swimsuit in every color. Looking for a red string bikini--they have it. Wanting a simple black one piece--sure! Trying to hop on the brown trend- in stock in multiple colors. The Tel Aviv brand is designed and produced locally and you can spot it all over the vibrant beaches. I've bought muiltiple bathing suits here for years and they are still in perfect condition. 10/10 would recommend stopping by!

Check it out on instagram here.

Shop online here.

Go in person at King George 17, Tel Aviv.

3. De-Rococo - One of everything

I admit I was late to the game on this one but this Israeli brand is simply amazing. Basic yet luxurious vibes that I would compare to Anine Bing or Dissh, I could get my entire wardrobe from De-Rococo and look chic everyday. I can't decide if I love the bathing suits, jeans or simple tanks best. If you are looking for style inspo-you might want to check out their founder Romy Spector on instagram. Do not miss this beautiful shop in Neve Tzedek, you will not regret stopping by--though your wallet might.

Check it out on instagram here.

Shop online here.

Go in person at Simtat Neve Tsedek 7, Tel Aviv.

4. ATA or אתא - Jeans & tees

Another Israeli brand that is always a hit with out of towners (and me) is ATA. The Israeli brand has elevated basics that always look cool. Of all of these shops, this one is the most classic Israeli style in my mind. The jeans, t-shirts and simple dresses give off a very Tel Aviv vibe. The brand assures style, comfort and durability. These pieces are built to last in your wardrobe.

Shop online here.

Go in person at multiple locations in Tel Aviv.

5. Carolina Lemke - Sunglasses galore

OK so this one is not an Israeli brand but I always take visitors here. Bar Rafaeli is the face of this brand all around Tel Aviv so it feels very Israeli-chic to me. You'll see this store all over Tel Aviv and I would highly recommend taking a look. The reasonable prices and great quality make it worth your while. With all the styles and colors you can imagine, this is go-to.

Go in person throughout Tel Aviv.

Credit: Carolina Lemke

Second Hand in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is also known for vintage and second hand shopping. There are many great stores you can find all over the city. A few I can recommend include Seekers, a wonderful vintage store located on Rambam. They have a great selection of vintage jeans and sunglasses and the store is full of interesting finds. Another new second hand shop on Geula that I can recommend is Cha Cha Cha. Sift through some fun finds and check out some hand-made pieces as well. Other popular shops include Triangle and Flashback. The market is really endless!

Final Thoughts

Tel Aviv can be expensive but there are some gems out there. If you do it right there are some great shops in Tel Aviv that are definitely worth stopping by. It's always nice to go home and have something unique from your travels. I would also recommend walking down Dizengoff, Sheinkin or Shabazi and dropping in on all of the beautiful shops, cafes and more. I'm sure you will be tempted by other amazing stores. What are your favorite Tel Aviv Shopping sites?


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