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Must Have Accessories for Every Woman

Accessorizing is a very important part of any outfit or capsule wardrobe. It's something that can often be overlooked when buying for your wardrobe. I personally am a jewelry fiend. I'm always shopping for chunky jewelry or sunglasses to complete an outfit. There are lots of different ways to accessorize but here are my must have accessories for every woman.

Staple Earrings

For me, earrings can really make an outfit. I love a statement earring but an even a simple hoop can really elevate your look. There's no question in my mind, a hoop is a must have accessory for every woman. If you're like me you can turn to a chunkier one, but a thin mid-size hoop also does the job. Here are a few I'm loving right now.

Mejuri Medium Hoops- $78

Jenny Bird Chunky Hoops- $138

Mejuri Large Hoops- $568

Jenny Bird Double Hoop- $138

Chunky belts

A good belt is a must have for your closet. If you wear a pair of baggy jeans and a sweater, you can upgrade the outfit by simply putting on a belt. Add jewelry that matches the belt's hardware and you really take the outfit to the next level. I have been searching for the perfect belt for a while and here are a few that are on my list.

Madewell Classic Belt- $48

Anine Bing Signature Belt- $180

B-Low The Belt Chunky Leather- $188

Simple Necklaces

I wear a slew of necklaces most days. I love layering on a whole bunch of gold chains at different lengths but there's one (or sometimes 2) I wear everyday. This is a place to really invest. I don't take my necklaces off at night and I usually shower with them. Of course, accenting with a more statement piece is also fun but that can be added later and can be less of an investment. I would recommend having a simple chain or pendant necklace that is an every-day piece.

Mejuri Letter Necklace- $248

Catbird Simple Chain- $268

Versatile Bags

Here's the thing. I'm not a bag girl and I can't go around giving on advice on the perfect bag. My collection is not complete, as sometimes I find I don't have the right bag for the occasion. I'm often borrowing from my mom or throwing a canvas tote into the mix. That said, I think a bag can do a lot for an outfit. Here are a few I own or am eyeing and loving to complete my wardrobe.

COS Brown Cross Body- $150

Staud Colorful Beaded Bag- $250

Mansur Gavriel Black Tote - $695

Fabulous Sunnies

I love sunglasses. I mean I might have an obsession. I really think sunglasses can change the name of the game. Big black sunglasses can add a coolness to an outfit that was otherwise pretty basic, while classic ray-bans can give a polished feel to any look. If you are looking to expand your collection and shop sustainably you can check out my sustainable sunglasses cover. A few of my favs here:

Crap Eyewear Tortoise Sunglasses - $89

Ollu Black Sunglasses- $160

Ray-Ban Classic Sunglasses- $171

Final Thoughts

Accessorizing is pretty personal and it's important to curate the right pieces but if you collect one accessory from each of these categories, I guarantee it will elevate your wardrobe. What other must have accessories for women did I miss?! Share in the comments if you dare.


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