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Sustainable Sunglasses Brands

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

I think we all have a pair of Ray Bans in our dressers-- and fair enough! Ray Ban Sunglasses are entirely fabulous and well made. That said, if you are looking for unique and Sustainable Sunglasses Brands, you might want to try an alternative to these classic frames.

Sustainability in the Eyewear Industry

Unfortunately similar to the fashion world at large, we see a lot of waste in the eyewear industry. Many glasses end up in landfills and often manufacturers use materials that are not so environmentally-friendly. With this in mind, I decided to profile brands that are investing in more sustainable materials and practices.

Designed in Tel Aviv and created from plant based materials, Ollu was created to make you feel good and to do good. The collection features unique and beautiful frames that look good on everyone. Ollu uses natural materials to create their frames and lenses, which means that they are recyclable and kinder to the environment. They also offer a recycling program where you can send back old frames and receive 30% off your next purchase.

Credit: Ollu

LA based company Crap Eyewear has a unique brand and tagline--Don't Worry Be Crappy. Despite the name, the brand focuses on being kind to the environment. This sustainable sunglasses brand has an array of interesting frames and designs guaranteed to make you stand out. Their mission is to offer sustainable and reasonably priced sunnies in a fun-loving environment.

Credit: Crap Eyewear

Designed in Paris, Jimmy Fairly creates beautiful designer sunglasses. Committed to limiting environmental impact, the brand uses biodegradable and recyclable materials. Beyond their commitment to sustainability, the unique brand also donates a pair of glasses to their partner organizations with every pair you buy. Another brand that allows you to look good and feel good.

Credit: Jimmy Fairly

Of course, another way to shop sustainably is to shop second-hand or vintage pieces. Founded in 2004, Giant Vintage provides truly special frames that have been manufactured 20+ years ago in limited quantities. The brand sources and curates unique sunglasses from different decades providing you with true vintage finds. If that's not reason enough to shop the brand, Blue Ivy recently donned a pair of sunglasses from the brand.

Credit: Giant Vintage

Final Thoughts

As a shopping addict myself, I'm always trying to incorporate more sustainable habits into my routine. It's always exciting to see interesting brands focus on sustainability. Though none of these brands are claiming to be entirely waste-free, this collection of sustainable sunglasses brands is a good place to start when considering more eco-friendly shopping routines.

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