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Winter Going Out Tops

Updated: Feb 28

OK here's the thing. A going out top means something different to me at 27 than it did at 18. That said in the colder months it seems even harder to find a nicer top to wear to dinner, to a bar, to a concert or whatever evening activity you're heading to that's a little nicer but also not too crazy. My friends and I have been discussing this non-stop and I recently got a request for these options. SO here are 12 winter going out tops that will cover all of your evening-out needs.

Black Silky Top

I needed a date night top that was a little elevated but also a basic. I bought this Dissh pick on Black Friday and have gotten a lot of wear out of it. It's a simple choice but there are so many ways to style it and dress it up.

Winter Going Out Tops

This black Reformation button-down has been on my list for a while. I think it can easily be dressed up with some accessories or dressed down with some lightwash denim but it's definitely a great staple.

Winter Going Out Top

Cardigan Top

This can be a little sexier or a little more reserved depending on how you style it. I love a top that can do multiple things and this is definitely super versatile. I've been eyeing this Reformation one for a while and I'm especially loving it in the brown but it comes in a few different great colors including red and black.

Winter Going Out Tops

Another cardigan option is this more button-up top look. It's not your traditional cardigan but it's a clearer or more traditional "going out" top for winter.

Winter going out tops

Fitted Knit

In the winter I love going simple. If you wear a more fitted top tucked into a dark wash pear of jeans with a belt you will look super put together. I like this gold one because it adds a little something interesting but I have a black one I love and style similarly so check out the second option for a more every-day feel.

going out tops

This Dissh black knit option is easy to dress up with black pants or a mini skirt and tights. I have a similar one that I wear all the time for many different occasions.

Knit top

Sequins Top

OK I know sequins can be tacky but it can also be fabulous if done correctly. This Free People number comes in a bunch of great colors and I can see it being great if styled right. This shirt is fun and screams night out without being too college-y, which is always what I am looking for these days.

Winter going out top

Tight Mockneck

If I'm going somewhere and I know I'll be inside all night, I might opt for a sleeveless or short-sleeve top if it has a higher neck. This is a great example of that style that still feels winter-appropriate and shows a little more skin.

Winter Going Out Tops

If you'd still rather have sleeves, this brown Rails top is a gorgeous color and has a similar and beautiful design. It's so simple but it's doing so much.

Rails Top

Semi Sheer Top

At one point in my life I might have worn a sheer top with a bra underneath, now I would do it with a little tank underneath. This is a great idea for winter. It is a little fanicer but still somewhat warm and it's a great look overall. This Dissh top comes in a gorgeous brown color or white or black.

Winter Going out top

Red Top

Red is everywhere right now and I think the color itself adds a little elegance and flavor to any outfit. AKA you can wear a red top and the outfit will just seem a little more elevated. I'm not always a fan of the puff sleeve but this light detail kind of makes the perfect going-out top that's still somewhat simple.

Winter Tops

I also have to throw in this red cardigan I got from Sezane in Paris. It's such a fabulous color, style and look. I get so much wear out of it day and night.

Winter cardigan

Final Thoughts

Going out looks post-college has been long on my mind. It seems to be especially difficult in the winter. These 12 picks should help you find winter going out tops that feel a bit elevated and fun while also being appropriate for your age and the season.


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