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Unique Jewelry Brands

Unique jewelry brands at all price points. Let's get into it.

I love jewelry. Jewelry of all kinds. Statement necklaces, big earrings, dainty rings, chunky bracelets etc. I'm always looking for unique brands beyond the classics. If you haven't heard of Mejuri, Catbird or Jenny Bird, I would highly recommend checking them out but now I'd like to focus on some unique brands to dive into that have a special edge.

AGMES $$$$

This brand is unique and classic all at the same time. The pieces make a statement but feel so timeless and elegant. Handmade to order in NYC, AGMES has a beautiful studio in Soho that I highly recommend checking out. As I chatted with the team, they explained that they had customers come in to pick pieces for their wedding and come back to buy every-day staples. The brand is versatile and truly spectacular. If you have a special event or are looking to make a statement, I highly recommend AGMES. The pieces are made with precious materials and almost all the metals are recycled.

I discovered Chan Luu in 2023 when I needed a pair of drop pearl earrings for a bridesmaid look I was creating. I decked out my ears in pearls and the Chan Luu pair were the star. Inspired by the beauty found in nature, the brand has a focus on making jewelry by hand. You can see this vision in all of their pieces. Chan Luu brings color and individuality to every piece they create.

Credit: Chan Luu

This year I saw an influencer wearing the perfect red beaded necklace and discovered By Orly, which I then bought on the spot. It's beautifully made and the perfect piece to add a little intrigue to any outfit. The unique brand is made by Orly herself in LA and describes itself as classic with a touch of uniqueness. I truly believe this is a perfect embodiment of a unique jewelry brand. 10/10 would recommend.

Credit: By Orly

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something different, unique AKA big chunky jewelry, timeless statement pieces, a bit of color or handmade one of a kind pieces, this is your guide. I think jewelry is often the outfit maker. It can pull together a look or even add a little zest to a previously boring outfit so these are my recommendations for some truly unique places to buy special pieces.


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