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The Best Black Ankle Boots

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

There are so many great pairs of black boots in so many different styles by so many different brands. It can be hard to pick your ultimate everyday boot. I went to Bloomingdales, Saks and about 5 other stores to try on 15 pairs of basic black ankle boots with jeans. So here are the best black ankle boots for you based on style, fit, price, heel and so on.


Vince Camuto makes reasonably priced shoes that look and feel like quality. These pointed toe black leather boots have a 2.5 inch heel and a shiny finish. I tried them on with a wider leg blue jean and thought they looked classic and elevated. The leather is a little stiff but overall I found them comfortable.

Credit: Vince Camuto


Another pointed toe boot but this time with more of a cowboy vibe. I typically think Dolce Vita makes lovely shoes at a reasonable price point. This is not really the style I was going for, which is why I ultimately gave it a lower ranking but these are a classic for a good price if you are looking for an ankle boot with a more western feel. Again I felt it fit perfectly with my denim.

Credit Bloomingdales

Kenneth Cole- $179 ($125 at Bloomingdales right now)


These boots fit beautifully and looked gorgeous. The man helping me pointed out they were actually modeled off a pair from Prada and you could tell. I like this style because the heel was somewhat short (2.2 inches) and elevated with the silver detail. The square toe gives it a modern and sophisticated look and I really felt like I was wearing Prada heels. These are a definite yes for me.

Schutz- $188


I'm a big fan of Schutz as they always have stylish, comfortable and affordable shoes. Schutz regularly has sales and I can always snag a good deal there. These platform boots are a great pair if you like the chunkier look, which I often do. They felt and looked nice but I didn't love how they looked with my wider leg jeans. These are better if you wear straighter jeans or pants and skirts and dresses.

Credit: Schutz

Madewell- $228


I love Madewell but these boots were not worth over $200. They didn't look or feel expensive at all and I was very surprised at the pricetag when I saw the shoe in person. I didn't end up trying them on but my vote is to pass on them.

Credit: Madewell


Reformation does everything well and boots are no exception. These were incredibly comfortable and beautiful in person. I almost bought them on the spot but the pricetag is definitely on the higher end. I think this style is very up to date but also classic. The heel is under two inches which is perfect if this is your everyday boot. They looked great with my jeans but I could also see them pairing perfectly with skirts and dresses.

If you prefer a rounder toe, Reformation has a very similar pair with a round toe here.

Credit: Reformation

Vince- $375


These simple black boots have a very elegant look to them. They are a true basic fit with a short heel (1.4 inches) and a simple leather. They were fairly comfortable and looked perfect with my dark wash denim. If you are looking for a basic pair of black boots that will never go out of style, these are a great pick.

Credit: Saks


These gorgeous boots have a three inch heel and a luxury feel. I didn't try them myself but when I sae my cousin wearing them, I knew I had to include them. These are next to perfect. Loeffler Randall prides itself on making staples and these are really speaking to that motto. For an everyday boot, they are a little high for me but for an occassion or nigh-out, I think these are fabulous.

Loeffler Randall Boots

Credit: Loeffler Randall

Staud - $450


These Staud boots are beautifully made and have intricate detailing but I didn't love how they looked with my denim. If you are looking for a completely flat boot for straighter leg jeans and pants, they could be up your alley.

Credit: Staud

If you are looking for a thinner heel, check out these Staud ones. They are gorgeous but I find the thinner heels uncomfortable and less up my alley.


These Veronica Beard boots are a great look but I found them a little uncomfortably high. They did look great with my wider leg denim and I do love a chunkier heel. If you are looking for a little more height and like a chunkier- more everyday look, these could be a good fit.

Credit: Veronica Beard

Ganni- $475


These boots are definitely on the more casual side but they are a staple that adds a little bit of flavor. I loved the yellow lining and almost walked out of the store with them. After I tried on a few more pairs of shoes I realized I needed a bit of a heel with my favorite jeans so I opted out. However, if you are looking for a good walking boot for mostly daytime, these are fabulous. Ganni has a number of colors and styles but these topped the list for me.

Credit: Ganni

Tory Burch- $478 ($335 at Bloomingdales)


When I saw these boots, I thought they were beautiful and they looked gorgeous on. There were two big issues for me here. First of all, they were very stiff and second--they have a big Tory Burch symbol on the back of each boot. I generally don't love wearing items with big logos on them unless they really add to the style--shoutout to Anine Bing. However, if you are looking for a high-end boot and don't mind the logo, these were beautiful.

Credit: Bloomingdales


These were a pair I really had trouble leaving in the store. The three inch heel feels reasonable and comfortable with the platform and the style is right up my alley. It's the perfect combination of chunky and elevated. Rag and Bone always makes incredible shoes and these were no exception. If you're willing to spend a bit more on your boots, I guarantee these will never go out of style.

Credit: Bloomingdales

Stuart Weitzman- $595 ($445 at Bloomingdales)


When I think about the ideal pair of boots, this is the brand that comes to mind. Stuart Weitzman makes timeless footwear that truly never goes out of style. These might be the very best ankle boots on the market in terms of looks, quality and feel. I would recommend sizing up a half size but otherwise these were very comfortable and absolutely stunning. Five stars from me.

Credit: Bloomingdales


Last on the list was Zadig & Voltaire. They're last because they were the most expensive pair I tried on and not rightfully so. The boots were gorgeous and felt great but I don't think they truly earned their price tag. Boots can certainly be expensive but if you're going to outprice Stuart Weitzman there better be a reason.

Black Ankle Boots

Credit: Zadig & Voltaire

Final Thoughts

After trying on and reviewing 15 pairs of boots, I definitely had my favorites. However, the other takeaway is you need to consider what you need them for. If these are going to be your everyday boots, don't pick too high a heel and make sure they go with denim, skirts and pants. Also price is a large consideration. If you are going to invest in more expensive boots, I generally suggest them not being a trend piece--but instead a staple. Stuart Weitzman boots are probably going to last and stay in style for years. If you like to buy new boots every season, maybe go with the Kenneth Cole pair.


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