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Brands Like Doen

If you're a fashion girly you've definitely heard of the brand Doen. It has unique and beautiful pieces. Specifically, their dresses are beautifully made and so special. If you're looking for unique and timeless dresses, check out these 10 brands like Doen.

This brand has had me in a chokehold ever since I discovered it. The prints, styles and details are so special, it's hard to find anything like it. Ciao Lucia gives similar vibes to Doen and is sure to win you lots of compliments.

Credit: Ciao Lucia

I often feel this brand doesn't get it's due. With feminine dresses, interesting prints and shapes, you can find beautiful and unique dresses at Faithful. A few of the dresses pictured below resemble classic silhouettes found at Doen. If you are looking for brands like Doen, Faithful the Brand could be the perfect choice.

Credit: Faithful the Brand

Rouje is a french brand that gives girly, classic chic with a twist in a similar way to Doen. Their dresses have fabulous floral patterns and beautiful cuts. Shop these dresses to dress like a french girl and stand out in a crowd.

Credit: Rouje

This brand often pops up on Revolve but it doesn't get enough credit. Known for girly patterns and silhouettes, For Love & Lemons is a great place to shop for summer styles. Check out their unique patterns and shapes that make it a great alternative to Doen for a better price.

Credit: For Love & Lemons

This brand that is often found at Revolve is affordable and adorable. The dresses often give off the vibe of much more expensive label. The styles often seem similar to brands like Doen or Ciao Lucia. Would highly recommend SNDYS if you are looking for a more affordable Doen alternatives.

Credit: SNDYS

Ah an oldie and goodie. Reformation is a classic for a reason. They can basically do no wrong in my eyes. From beautiful patterned dresses, to linen minis or elegant tops, Reformation does it all. If you are looking for similar dresses to Doen, Reformation could be a perfect alternative.

Credit: Reformation

The Nap Dress from Hill House has been on my list for 3+ years at this point. One of these days I'll pull the trigger because they are so effortless and elegant. Similarly to Doen, their dresses can be dressed up or down and are unique staples.

Credit: Hill House Home

I've long loved Ba&sh because it elevates the more bohemian style. The brand puts out beautiful and unique prints and colors in interesting silhouettes. I always love their patterns and shapes and highly recommend this brand in terms of quality, style and overall look

Credit: Ba&sh

Final Thoughts

I have been eyeing so many Doen dresses for so long. These brands like Doen give the same elegant, classic yet unique feeling that Doen offers. Some of these more affordable options can be great alternatives for the premium brand. Shop them all and let us know if we missed anything! Happy shopping.


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