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Brands I'm Currently Obsessing Over

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

As Summer winds down and I'm starting to eye Fall fashion, there are a few brands that I am browsing and LOVING. Transition season means fun dresses, lightweight knits, long skirts and lots of layering. Here are the brands and items currently on my to-buy list. BTW...I currently have no relationship with any of these brands, this is #notsponsored content so simply check out these brands I love.

This brand is haunting my dreams. These dresses are just so effortlessly chic, I simply don't know what to do with myself. As I was diving into this new brand founded in 2017, I noticed how Ciao Lucia describes itself and it really hits home- "When we design, we envision our customer at a beautiful seaside hotel, lounging by the water, taking long afternoon strolls, and having lengthy dinners with friends." This perfectly embodies the beautiful dresses I have been eyeing on their instagram. All I want is to throw on one of these elegant patterned styles and take an afternoon sea-side stroll in Europe. If shopping had a 'tasting menu', I would happily sign up for Ciao Lucia's.

Credit: Ciao Lucia

Ahh Dissh. What's not to love about this fabulous Australian brand? I placed my first order from the brand this summer after eyeing them all over instagram for months. When the package arrived, each item was more beautiful than the next. This is the type of online shopping where I need to narrow down my cart because everything is a 10/10. Dissh has trendy yet timeless pieces that are going to give your wardrobe a boost. If you are building a capsule wardrobe, you could literally place one large order from Dissh and be set for life.

Credit: Dissh

This is an oldie but a goodie for me. Reformation makes fabulous pieces that stand the test of time. They hold up well in terms of quality and in terms of style. Whether you are looking for wedding guest dresses, Fall-worthy knits, fabulous tops or perfect linens--Reformation has you covered. There's a reason that this brand is always featured in the press on celebs, influencers and fashion enthusiasts--and it's not just because of the fantastic marketing. Reformation is simply chic and fabulous.

Credit: Reformation

OK, I'm pretty sure I aspire to look like an Anine Bing model. These pieces all look like a million bucks. Every time I wear my classic branded sweatshirts, I get compliments. Their basics make an outfit look put together and chic, even if you are simply in a sweatshirt or graphic tee. If I could, I would stock my entire closet with Anine Bing staples. I have been eyeing one of their blazers for over a year now, the next time I have a little extra money in the bank, it is sure to be my next investment piece.

Credit: Anine Bing

Final Thoughts

If you've been following along, I'm an online shopping addict and fashion enthusiast. These are my must-have brands of the moment. When I go thrift shopping or browse Facebook marketplace for clothing (yes this is genius), I search for these brands. When Shopbop or Revolve is having a sale I sort by these brands. These are my four picks of the moment, what are yours?


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