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Best Fashion Influencers on Instagram

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Looking to up your fashion, style or beauty game? Here are 10 influencers to follow who are sure to give you amazing recommendations. This is a fool proof way to up your online shopping tactics. I follow these amazing ladies for outfit inspo, beauty recs, styling tips or because they have AMAZING brands and picks. Influencer marketing is here and it's not going anywhere! Let's applaud these ladies for a job well done!

So here are the best fashion influencers according to me-- albeit some aren't too original.

Matilda Djerf - The most obvious influencing LADY (3M)

If you haven't checked out Matilda's iconic style, where have you been? She is truly inspiring the next generation of fashion girls. Her effortless style is a combination of girly, elegant and authentic. Her signature hairstyle is iconic and I want to copy every outfit she has ever worn.

Check her out on instagram here.

Shop her amazing brand here.

OR simply get inspo:

Credit: Matilda Djerf

Kim Johnson - TikTok Star and Stylist (57K)

Kim's tagline is 'not dressing like you're in college but not dressing too conservatively'. SO if you are one of the many girls out there looking to elevate your jean short and cropped top look now that you are in your mid 20s-30s, I would highly recommend taking her style advice.

Follow her on instagram here.

Follow her on TikTok here.

Credit: Kim K. Johnson

Caro Beth - Authentic & Stylish QUEEN (7K)

Want to watch actually enjoyable videos of a NYC girly living her best life? Look no further-- you must check out my dear friend Caro. She posts amazing skincare recs, beauty picks, jewelry FINDS and everything in between. Ladies & gentlemen, this is what influencing should look like.

Follow her on instagram here.

Credit: Caro Beth

Julie Sarinana - New Mom/Style Goddess (7.7M)

This aesthetic is just unbeatable. There is truly nothing like browsing through her feed. She puts together amazing outfits, nail art, accessories and some new mom content. Follow her for style inspo that includes the basics and a pop of color and fun.

Follow her on instagram here.

Credit: Sincerelyjules

Tyla-Lauren - Elevated Basics & Beautiful Aesthetics (180K)

Another beautiful vibe out of NYC. She seems to have mastered the elevated basic look that i often aspire to create but end up looking messy instead. I'm loving the vibes!! Follow for hair, beauty and style inspo along with simply stunning pics.

Follow her on instagram here.

Credit: Tyla-Lauren

Gabriella Gofis - My Dream Closet (52K)

I started following Gabriella last week and am already aspiring to have a closet like this. I have literally looked up all her accessories and have added all her outfits to my pinterest board. Follow her for great outfit inspiration that is both attainable and leaves you wondering but would that look good on me?!?

Follow her on instagram here.

Credit: Gabriella Gofis

Lilly Sisto - Preppy meets Boho (23K)

Light summer dresses, chunky jewelry and some amazing layers. Lilly's style adds a unique spin on traditional outfits. I am now looking for dupes of some of her outfits (on the pricier side) but she is great about sharing where her items are from and the page aesthetic is unbeatable.

Follow her on instagram here.

Credit: Lily Sisto

Monikh - Stylist with Unique Taste (342K)

Her page is beautiful, elegant and elevated. The outfits are pretty simple but are still styled in such a unique way. The whowhatwear contributor mostly posts photos in neutrals and she absolutely rocks them. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Follow her on instagram here.

Credit: Monikh

Romy Spector - Israeli Creator and Fashionista (158K)

I love Romy's style and her beautiful brand De-Rococo. I truly can't stop eyeing all of their pieces and Romy's instagram makes it pretty hard to resist. I can't decide what's best the amazing swimwear, beach looks, elevated basics or sunglasses.

Follow her on instagram here.

Follow the brand here.

Credit: Romy Spector

Natacha - Beauty, Fashion, Accessories etc.

The LA based digital creator is putting out amazing outfits and looks that I want to wear daily. After browsing her instagram, I not only want to mimic her style but also might want to live in her apartment? The whole feed is so aesthetically pleasing, I will continue to follow her closely!

Follow her on instagram here.

Credit: Natacha

Final Thoughts

That's all I got for you today folks! 10 influencers to follow, emulate and buy from. Tell me who your favorite is in the comments or share who I missed! These are some of the very best fashion influencers on instagram! These instagram queens are fun to fill your feed with but make sure you are also keeping up with your friends and not being bogged down by the beauty that is depicted on instagram. This should be fun to see, but if it's not take a break!


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