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5 Brands Like Lululemon

Updated: Feb 29

Lululemon is known as THE stylish, high-quality activewear that seamlessly blends fashion and function. From yoga enthusiasts to fitness fanatics, the brand has captured the hearts of every person who feels the buttery, high quality materials. If you are looking to diversify your collection or explore cheaper options, there are several brands out there that offer a similar range of products that are super high quality. In this blog post, we will introduce you to five brands like Lululemon that deserve your attention: Vuori, Outdoor Voices, Beyond Yoga, and Aritzia.

Vuori: The new it brand

Vuori is the new hot athletic brand. I actually prefer my Vuori leggings to my lulu ones. This California-based brand has quickly gained popularity for its versatile and sustainable activewear. Just like Lululemon, Vuori emphasizes quality and performance without compromising on style. Vuori offers a range of activewear essentials, from leggings and shorts to tops and jackets. Their fabrics are soft, light, and eco-friendly! Personally, I would recommend a few specific pairs of their leggings. The tie-up top style is perfect for running, when leggings often fall out of place. Check them out here.

brands like lululemon

Credit: Vuori

Outdoor Voices- Athleisure at its finest

This Austin-based brand encourages shoppers to embrace an active lifestyle and have fun while doing it. Outdoor voices has all the basics you could ask for at a reasonable price and the quality is amazing. Their products are known for their comfort and versatility, making them suitable for anything. Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a hike, or simply running errands, Outdoor Voices has you covered. Personally, I would recommend the exercise dress. I wear this all summer long and it's perfect for walking, errands or could even be dressed up. Check it out here.

brands like lulu

Credit: Outdoor Voices

Beyond Yoga- Another fan favorite

Beyond Yoga might just have the most comfortable active-wear on the market. Like Lululemon, Beyond Yoga prioritizes quality fabrics and attention to detail. Their designs feature flattering cuts and soft, premium fabrics that are almost unbeatable. With a wide range of sizes and inclusive options, Beyond Yoga is committed to celebrating diverse body shapes and sizes. Don't let the term yoga dissuade you, as the brand states the clothes go way beyond yoga, pilates and even activewear. I wear my heather grey sweatshirt year-round and on all occasions. My first recommendation here has to be their tops. Check out their signature offers here.

brands like lululemon

Credit: Beyond Yoga

Aritzia TNA: Slept on

This one is slept on for sure! Aritzia is a Canadian brand known for its fashion-forward staples. With a curated selection of high-quality pieces, Aritzia offers a range of amazing styles. You can find amazing little dresses, elevated blazers, great jeans and everything in between. Their activewear collection combines performance features with on-trend designs, making it easy to transition from the gym to brunch with friends. Their leggings and activewear might be the best Lulu dupe there is. The TNA Butter line is unbeatable. Check it out here.

Brands like Alo

Credit: Aritiza

Alo Yoga - Yoga Essentials

Another brand where you can ignore the yoga tag in the name. Alo Yoga has amazing workout wear that can be worn on all occasions. Headquartered in LA, this brand is always spotted on celebrities, influencers and workout instructors. Alo has all of the classics that you are looking for with a sprinkle of unique pieces. Check it out here.

brands like lulu

Credit: Alo Yoga

Final Thoughts

Brands like Lululemon that have the brand's world class quality are hard to come by. Check out these 5 brands and let me know which is your favorite! They all have different styles and vibes, but they all offer quality fabrics and styles. Shop smart!


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