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5 Best Amazon Fashion Dupes

Here are the very best Amazon dupes you can find right now. I've done the research for you. TikTok is blowing up with the best dupes you need- from dresses to makeup to skincare. Here are the items that look the part but don't break the bank. These are the 5 Amazon fashion dupes I have bought or researched.

Realisation Par Dress Amazon Dupe

This dress has been seen on all the celebs including Emily Ratajkowski (pictured here). I have the original dress in black, shop here. I wanted another pattern but didn't want to spend $250 on another dress so I found the ultimate dupe. The middle dresses pictured below are the Amazon dupes. This brand has excellent reviews and comes in almost all the original prints and lengths.

Shop the dupe here for $35.

Free People Corset Top Amazon Dupe

The original FP top has been all over TikTok this season. Though styled better on the Free People model to the right, you can see a very similar design to the left.

Shop the original here on Revolve for $48 here.

Shop the Amazon dupe for only $19 here.

Skims Dress Amazon Dupe

The best black, super-soft and versatile dress of the year has many dupes. Kim K's amazing Skims brand launched and immediately took off and there's a reason. This dress is amazing. It fits everyone perfectly and is sexy and comfortable.

Shop the original on Skims for $78 here.

Shop the Amazon dupe for only $30 here.

Aritzia Divinity Romper Amazon Dupe

This romper has literally been everywhere this year. Every color, every length, dupe and original. Now's your chance to buy this amazing basic for a huge discount. These look identical though I can't speak to the fabric on the dupe to the left. That said, I'm ordering it!

Shop the original for $78 here.

Shop the dupe for $25 here.

Realisaiton Par Leopard Print Skirt

I've had my eye on the original skirt to the right for a while but after seeing the Amazon dupe and reading the reviews...I might opt for the cheaper option. For only $29, you can get this skirt in multiple prints that has over 4,000 reviews.

Shop the original here for $190.

Shop the dupe here for under $30!

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, I like to shop originals (especially when they are small businesses or sustainable) but every now and again I give in to the dupes I see all over TikTok. I guarantee you these are some of the very best. Happy Shopping!


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